Treatment Modalities


-Nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, etc.)

-Western herbs, including adaptogens and antimicrobials

-Mobilizing and binding agents for detoxifiying heavy metals, petroleum solvents and plastics, and biotoxins

-Bio-identical hormones

-Pharmaceuticals (rarely)

-Low-potency homeopathics, drainage remedies



-Assessment and work with the bite (ie. the neurological position of the jaw)

-Gentle hands-on balancing of cranio-sacral axis


-Neural therapy – an injection system from Europe involving the injection of local anesthetic or sterile homeopathic remedies, into glands, scars, nerve ganglia or plexi, or the skin overlying organs, to restore normal electrical functioning to the ANS in these areas, and thus clear the blocked foci.

-Neural acupuncture – neural therapy injections into acupuncture points

-Polarity segmentation – a technique for integrating the nervous system using the 3 primary neurological centers in the body, which originates from chiropractic

-Homeopathic remedies – higher potency, isopathics, nosodes, sarcodes, drainage remedies, clinical combination remedies, and homeopathic hormones

-Light, especially from the infrared spectrum



-Gentle hands-on containment of nervous system and drainage of tissues and organs (could also be listed in the following category)



-Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN) – Klinghardt’s system for clearing Unresolved Psychoemotional Conflicts and Traumas (UPEC’s and UPET’s), involving dialogue with the subconscious, working with unexpressed emotion and limiting beliefs, utilizing ART, EMDR with color therapy, and MFT (Klindhardt’s modified version of EFT). My use of APN is flavored by my own intuitive and intimate seeing, engaging, and guiding

-Flower, gem, and environmental essences and other vibrational remedies