Sessions with me are almost always a combination of both TABLE and PROCESS work, depending on your interest and capacity. Of course the different varieties of work are synergistic with each other. And it is beautiful to both ‘be treated’ in a more receptive way, and actively participate in the healing process when possible.

I generally recommend an appointment of at least 90 minutes for a new patient. I invite you to CONTACT ME to get a better sense of how I can support you and your situation with my work, to discuss my fees, and to book an appointment.

For the most in-depth work I suggest appointments up to 2 ½ or 3 hours, if possible, both for initial visit and follow-ups. This would allow us time to fully utilize both PROCESS and TABLE WORK, and is especially beneficial if someone were to have longer intervals in between appointments, or wanted to see me for a single in-depth consultation.

Each appointment is a complete healing session, and does not require follow-ups based on protocols to have benefit in your healing process. Some choose to come for a single consultation to guide them in a particular direction for, or make a significant shift in, their healing. Others come in an on-going way as the primary support for their healing process, especially if the issues are deep-seated or complex. It is a unique unfolding for each individual, based on your needs and resources.

I ask for payment at the time of services. If you have health insurance that is a PPO (not HMO), then I will give you a coded invoice at the completion of services, which you can submit to your insurance. Reimbursement is variable, based on the plan.

In all situations I do invite you to be in dialogue with me. My highest intention is to be service to those who would most benefit from my work. If we are the right fit for each other, something can always be worked out.