Process Work

This is the aspect of the work that looks like ‘processing’. Within a strong and compassionate container, I guide you into contacting your own underlying energetic patterns, in specific ways and small steps, through sensation and visualization. Because the patterns ‘live’ in the primitive brain, this is the only way to access and work with them. Our cerebrums (‘higher thinking’) cannot access the brain stem and autonomic nervous system, so we cannot ‘think’ our way out of our suffering.   Using additional tools we allow the patterns to be ‘satisfied’, and therefore transform, resulting for most people in relief and more ease around symptoms of any kind and uncomfortable ‘states’. This work ultimately leads to your gaining skill in engaging with your own patterns and triggers as they come up, in formal practice and/or moment to moment.

This method is a synthesis of many areas of specialty and understanding, including the physics of the autonomic nervous system, developmental psychology and neurology, somatic and gestalt therapies, infantile attachment theory, trauma resolve modalities (including use of the embodied principles of containment and discharge), and various Buddhist practices.

Sometimes other modalities will call themselves into the flow of the process work as we do it, such as hands-on discharge of tissues and organs, infrared light treatments, or neural therapy injections (for those who are already familiar with them) to facilitate and support the unfolding.