When you come looking for relief, we work in a fluid way, responding to what you tell me with your words, and what is arising in your system asking for attention.

My two primary approaches are TABLE WORK and PROCESS WORK,…they are deeply inter-woven…we almost always work with elements of both, with more emphasis here or there depending on your needs.





This is the aspect of the work where you receive healing on my treatment table. Using both the ART and my intuitive guidance, we engage in an unlayering process that is an interweaving of information-gathering and specific therapeutic intervention….listening and responding. The body reveals focal areas that are ready to shift, issues and ‘stresses’ that are causing strain (both focal and systemic), the level at which the issues are manifesting and the support they are looking for, and the priority and sequence with which the body wants to work with what is arising.

As a result, the work is a flow between many different MODALITIES, where I am both ‘working on you’ and testing you for ‘things to take’.

Elements of PROCESS WORK are almost always brought in here, when I see the opportunity to bring your awareness into some aspect of a pattern which is showing itself, for you to consciously engage with it.





This is the aspect of the work that looks almost like guided meditation. Within a strong and compassionate container, I usher you into contacting your own underlying energetic patterns, in specific ways and small steps, through sensation and visualization. Because the patterns ‘live’ in the primitive brain, this is the only way to access and work with them. Our cerebrums (‘higher thinking’) cannot access the brain stem and autonomic nervous system, so we cannot ‘think’ our way out of our suffering. Using additional tools we allow the patterns to be ‘satisfied’, and therefore transform, resulting for most people in relief and more ease around symptoms, and uncomfortable ‘states’, of any kind. This work ultimately leads to your gaining skill in engaging with your own patterns and triggers as they come up, in formal practice and/or moment to moment.

This method is a synthesis of many areas of specialty and understanding, including the physics of the autonomic nervous system, developmental psychology and neurology, somatic and gestalt therapies, infantile attachment theory, trauma resolve modalities (including use of the embodied principles of containment and discharge), and various Buddhist practices.

If you come in with the intention of just doing Process work, I still may bring in other modalities in small ways to facilitate and support the unfolding.





Standard session, 60 – 90 minutes
This is best for an acute illness or injury, whether a deep cough, persistent allergic reaction or pain from dental work, whiplash injury from a car accident, or acute back pain. Using a variety of modalities, you will leave with relief from your symptoms, a calmer nervous system, and possibly a remedy or two to support your ongoing healing. You will also gain some understanding of any underlying patterns that might have led to your illness or injury, and simple tools for working with your own system going forward.

Full Consultation, 2 to 2-1/2 hours
This is best for those who have longstanding and/or chronic issues, with multiple symptoms and physiological systems involved (eg. Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, etc.). Using the same variety of modalities but in greater depth, you will leave the session with some relief of symptoms, a calmer nervous system, and the beginnings of a ‘program’ of things to take to support your ongoing healing (remedies, herbs, etc.). You will also start to gain some understanding of the complex inter-relationship of underlying patterns specific to what you are suffering from, and receive some simple tools to start to engage with, and transform, these patterns. In addition we will discuss follow-up to complete the foundational work, and proceed with ongoing healing.

Process session, usually 60 minutes
This is best for those who have a strong intention to engage deeply with their own patterns of suffering, for the purposes of transformation, and are looking for guidance. The more physical aspects of your suffering would already have been mostly relieved, that piece is being supported by another practitioner, or you are wanting to do a focused process session to complement other work that we are doing together. Although we would be engaging in ‘process’ together, it is still likely that I may briefly and occasionally bring in touch to ground the work in the body, and/or recommend a remedy to facilitate the unfolding.

I invite you to contact me to get a better sense of how I can support you and your situation with my work, to discuss my fees, and to book an appointment. I OFFER A BRIEF COMPLIMENTARY PHONE CONSULTATION to facilitate this.

Each appointment is a complete healing session, and does not require follow-ups based on protocols to have benefit in your healing process. Some choose to come for a single consultation to guide them in a particular direction, or make a significant shift in, their healing. Others come in an on-going way as the primary support for their healing process, especially if the issues are deep-seated or complex. It is a unique unfolding for each individual, based on your needs and resources.

I see clients in person mostly in San Rafael; occasionally elsewhere, or in a home visit. I am also available for phone and Skype sessions. (The latter tends to flow most easily for PROCESS work, but there is a fair amount of seeing into your physiology and patterns that I can do in a phone or Skype session. Out of that I often like to make recommendations of remedies and nutrients to support your system, and that are synergistic to the process work that we do.)

I ask for payment at the time of services. If you have health insurance that is a PPO (not HMO), then I will give you a coded invoice at the completion of services, which you can submit to your insurance. Reimbursement is variable, based on the plan. I am not a Medicare provider.

In all situations I do invite you to be in dialogue with me. My highest intention is to be service to those who would most benefit from my work.





Autonomic Response Testing (ART) –is a muscle testing system that superficially looks like other forms of kinesiology, but on a deeper level bears no resemblance. It is a modality which is not therapeutic, but rather ‘diagnostic’, ie. with the intention of gathering information and making assessments of the system. Developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., it is based on the physics of the physiology, so is a true biofeedback tool for assessing the autonomic nervous system (ANS). My use of ART has evolved from, and is informed by, my intuitive seeing and sensing of patterns, foci, and energy.



Treatment Modalities

– Nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, etc.)
– Western herbs, including adaptogens and antimicrobials
– Mobilizing and binding agents for detoxifying heavy metals, petroleum solvents and plastics, and biotoxins
– Bio-identical hormones
– Pharmaceuticals (rarely)
– Low-potency homeopathics, drainage remedies


– Assessment and work with the bite (ie. the neurological position of the jaw)
– Gentle hands-on balancing of cranio-sacral axis and drainage of tissues and organs



Neural therapy – a therapeutic system from Europe involving the injection of local anesthetic or sterile homeopathic remedies, into glands, scars, nerve ganglia or plexi, or the skin overlying organs, to restore normal electrical functioning to the ANS (autonomic nervous system) in these areas, and thus clear the blocked foci.

– Neural acupuncture – neural therapy injections into acupuncture points
– Polarity segmentation – a technique for integrating the nervous system using the 3 primary neurological centers in the body, which originates from chiropractic
– Homeopathic remedies – higher potency, isopathics, nosodes, sarcodes, drainage remedies, clinical combination remedies, and homeopathic hormones
– Light, especially from the infrared spectrum
– Color therapy
– Gentle hands-on containment and balancing of autonomic nervous system


– Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN) – Klinghardt’s system for clearing Unresolved Psychoemotional Conflicts and Traumas (UPEC’s and UPET’s), involving dialogue with the subconscious, working with unexpressed emotion and limiting beliefs, utilizing ART, EMDR with color therapy, and MFT (Klindhardt’s modified version of EFT). My use of APN is flavored by my own intuitive and intimate seeing, engaging, and guiding
– Containment and Discharge work via the process that I synthesized, using my hands to access and shift patterns, as well as my words to guide your own attention and focus in an engaged way for transformation
– Flower, gem, and environmental essences and other vibrational remedies