I came from working-class New York, through the swamps of Florida and the mountains of Utah to Ivy League Rhode Island…through medical research in Boston, to medical school in Vermont, and post-graduate training in inner-city Oakland.

And although I was frustrated and traumatized by the conventional medical model, I became thoroughly versed in the workings of human physiology and anatomy, and came to know the power of my left brain.

I was introduced to a broader view of healing through study with Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., – understanding the levels of the physiology beyond the allopathic, and being introduced to the model of the ‘total load’ of stresses that make people sick. I dabbled with functional and orthomolecular medical training of different types, as well as other alternative and integrative approaches.

But only the engagement with, and transforming of my own unbearable suffering – in body, mind, and emotions – brought me to a complete understanding of the healing process..through somatic and trauma resolve therapies, intensive spiritual practice, especially Vajrayana and mystical traditions, understanding developmental psychology and human attachment, coming to know and trust my own clairsentient ‘seeing’ and intuitive touch…being broken apart and reassembled so many times that ease and acceptance finally arose in the process…and then trusting my own skill in articulating and working with what I experience and know, what I see, and how it’s done.

I have been blessed to be able to share this clinical, conceptual, and visceral understanding of the healing process with patients in private practice since 1995.

I live in a forested knoll in Marin County in California, sometimes with a daughter or two. In my spare time I swim laps, connect with nature, sing, dance, and deeply experience the full range of human emotion. I am passionate about spiritual and embodied practices of all kinds, and writing devotional poetry about the mysterious unfolding of healing and awakening in a human form (some of which is featured on my website, luminousriver.com).